August 3, 2022
Google Waze carpooling

Google Waze Carpooling Expanding to Challenge Uber, Lyft

Google Waze carpooling is expanding beyond its current markets to challenge hired ride-share services Uber and Lyft, but with a slight twist…

Popular ride-share for hire services Uber and Lyft are about to get some competition from Google Waze carpooling. The Google traffic app is expanding into new territory in the United States and Latin America, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. 

Google Waze Carpooling Going into more Markets to Take On Uber and Lyft

Google’s Waze crowd-sourced navigation app began experimenting with carpooling services last year. Now, it’s going to expand to other regions outside of San Francisco and Israel. That will pose a challenge to both Uber and Lyft, giving consumers more choices.

The main difference between the services is Uber and Lyft are ride-share hires, while Waze is a form of carpooling. Instead of hiring a driver, Waze users will carpool with others. The concept works by inviting drivers heading to a destination to pick up others who are going to the same location.

“Can we get the average person on his way to work to pick someone up and drop them off once in a while? That’s the biggest challenge,” Waze CEO Noah Bardim told the Wall Street Journal.

Carpoolers generally pay drivers 54 cents per mile for reimbursement. But it’s expected Waze will charge 62 cents or about 15 percent more per mile, according to Bardim. That transforms Waze into a for-profit enterprise which can steal market share from Uber and Lyft.

The cities to which the app will expand are still unknown and Waze isn’t commenting on which areas will become available. Google Maps just introduced offline features to save and share locations via text, email, and social media. The app also displays real-time parking information in twenty-five cities.

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