August 8, 2020
Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Released in Beta

Google Introduces a WordPress Plugin for Web Stories with Beta Build

Google has rolled out a new WordPress plugin in a beta version to create Web Stories, a search version of the popular social media format…

Stories are the probably the most popular sharing format on social media. Google recognizes this, and since mobile use is higher than ever, the search engine created a search version called “Web Stories.” Now, the tech company has released a WordPress plugin in a beta build.

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Released in Beta

The new Google Web Stories WordPress plugin is currently only available on GitHub as a zip file. (In other words, it’s not possible to search through the WordPress back end dashboard. But, Google states it’s working on building one.) So, it’s necessary to download the zip file and upload it, in order to start creating Web Stories through WP.

Once downloaded, go to the back end dashboard and click Plugins > Add New > Activate. Then, it will appear on the left side panel menu in the WP dashboard under “Stories.” When launched, it works through a simple WYSIWYG UI or What You See Is What You Get interface.

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