September 17, 2022
Google Whitelists Kid-Friendly Chrome Extensions through Family Link

Google will Soon Let Parents Install Extensions on Their Kids’ Chromebooks (but Not All of Them Necessarily)

Google has approved more Chrome extensions for children’s use via Family Link, but still requires parental approval to download and install…

Earlier this month, Google whitelisted a handful of Chrome extensions for kids’ Chromebooks, manageable through Family Link. (Of course, these still need parental permission to download and use.) Among them are Zoom, Hangouts, and a few educational tools. Plus, Google is currently testing support for all extensions for use on managed Chromebooks.

Google Whitelists Kid-Friendly Chrome Extensions through Family Link

Right now, it’s ostensibly possible to download and use any extension from the Chrome Web Store. But, not all will work on managed or parent-managed Chromebooks. Now, Google is working to give kids more options visa-via the Family Link program, which is showing up in the Canary release of Chrome version 83.

This is a great first step in the current set of circumstances. With so many children being educated through remote learning, the need for additional tools is definitely necessary. Presently, the Family Link doesn’t fully support all extensions, which means parents have to enter their passwords locally.

This should change over time, with Google expanding the list of supported browser extensions for use on parent-managed Chromebooks for kids.

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