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Google Wifi Scheduled Pause Internet Time Controller Introduced

Google WiFi Scheduled Pause

The new Google WiFi Scheduled Pause feature makes managing internet time simpler, ideal for controlling online interactions throughout the home…

Google just introduced Scheduled Pause, an internet time control option. The search giant states binge watching, gaming, and endless web surfing take too much time away from our daily lives. “…having great Wi-Fi at home helps with special everyday moments. But as we all know, sometimes these moments can turn into hours spent watching videos or browsing photos,” Edith Chao, Google WiFi Product Manager writes.

New Google Wifi Scheduled Pause Internet Time Controller Rolls Out

Google built Scheduled Pause to help manage everyday tasks, such as homework, bedtime, and more. It works through the Google Wifi system, allowing users to better control how much time and what times are spent online.

Credit: Google

Tucked into the Family Wi-Fi settings, Scheduled Pause is simple to set up, made easy by following a guided process. Users can select which devices to manage and further compartmentalize devices into groups. For instance, parents are able to place all their kids’ devices in one group and their own devices in a separate group. Users can opt to schedule regular times to shut off the internet or pause the connection manually.

Chao states she, “found that screen time was a common challenge for parents—from getting kids to put down their favorite game to struggling to have dinner without eyes glued to devices.”

This feature comes at the right time as 78 percent of all screen time for Generation Z is spent on smartphones. Through this new feature, parents are able to manage time spent online so families can, “create time for everyone to be more present and enjoy everyday moments.”

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