December 9, 2021
Upcoming Google Chrome URL Experiment Intended to Prevent Phishing Scams

Google will Make this Very Small Change to Chrome to Help Prevent Users from Becoming Scam Victims

Google is set to tweak one simple part of the Chrome browser experience, which hopes to prevent users from being scammed…

When Google rolls out its next update to Chrome in October, it will contain one of the biggest changes to the browser in quite some time. Though it appears to be a very small change from how it’s previously operated, Google hopes it will have a huge impact for the betterment of its end users.

Upcoming Google Chrome URL Experiment Intended to Prevent Phishing Scams

Chrome version 86 will include a slight tweak to how it displays URLs in the address bar. In the beta release, rather than showing a lengthy string of characters in the address field, Chrome will merely display a website’s domain name. So, rather than seeing something like, users will only see

The theory behind the change is quite simple. People are more apt to spot a phishing site with a phony or similar domain name when it doesn’t contain lengthy URL strings. Google says that it’s running the test because phishing is a very common and serious problem. In fact, the search engine states that more than 60 percent of its users have been victimized by phishing sites using this exact technique.

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