September 24, 2022
Google mobile search AMP Stories

Google is Bringing AMP Stories to Mobile Search

Google says at its latest conference in Tokyo, it will bring AMP Stories to mobile search, in a dedicated section, in the not-too-distant future…

Search giant Google continues to expand its inclusion of AMP or accelerated mobile pages. Introduced back in October of 2015, AMP technology allows pages to load much more rapidly than traditional content.

Just last month, Google announced it would integrate the code into Gmail. Now, the company has announced via its AMPConf event, it will also intertwine AMP Stories into mobile search.

Google will Soon Add AMP Stories to Mobile Search

Google says it will first bring AMP Stories to mobile search, beginning with travel-related content. Then, the company will add it to more queries in various categories.

Back in September of last year, revealed it would include AMP Stories for “notable people.” It uses AI, along with its Knowledge Graph to create visual stories for certain types of search queries.

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