October 20, 2021
Chromebook End of Life date

Coming Versions of Chrome OS will Let Users Know their Chromebooks’ End of Life Date — Here’s How to Check It

Google will give Chromebook owners a heads-up as to when their devices will stop receiving updates for Chrome OS machines…

It’s no real secret Chromebooks have expiration dates. That is, to those who keep-up on tech gear news. But, people new to the ecosystem might not be aware of this fact. Now, it appears Google is about to be a little more transparent. 

Google will Soon Disclose Chromebooks’ End of Life Date

Every Chromebook sells with a guarantee of approximately 6 1/2 years worth of Chrome OS updates. (Recently, Google has been extending that to include another year for more than one-hundred different devices.)

But, it’s always been a bit of a challenge to see when a Chromebook will stop receiving said updates. People had to rely on the official Google Auto Update Policy page to find their devices’ expiry date. That’s ostensibly coming to an end as XDA Developers has spotted a new feature in the latest Canary build of Chrome OS.

With the most recent release of Chrome OS Canary, there’s a new section in the Settings called “Update schedule.”

How to See a Chromebook’s End of Life Date or Update Schedule

To see a Chromebook’s update schedule, device owners must be running the latest Canary version. It’s found in Settings > About Chrome OS > Additional Details > Update Schedule.

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