July 29, 2021
Google WordPress Newspack CMS

Google is Partnering-Up with WordPress to Offer ‘Newspack,’ a New CMS Optimized for Local Journalism

The forthcoming Google WordPress Newspack CMS will focus on local news, giving publishers the right tools to create great sites…

Google has long supported local journalism. The search giant feels it’s important for residents to easily access news in their own communities.

While national publications certainly cover national and worldwide events, local news is a bit more elusive in some localities. Now, the tech company is partnering with WordPress to offer services tailor-made for local news outlets.

Google WordPress ‘Newspack’ CMS Announced

To that end, the Google News Initiative is working with WordPress to create a new system called “Newspack;”

“Newspapers with long histories have had to cut back on staff and reduce coverage and reporters who try to start new digital publications face an interminable struggle with technical and business problems. It just doesn’t make sense, for instance, that every team of local reporters should have to invent the right mix of product features, get world-class tech and user experience talent, and then turn it all into the perfect bespoke publishing system to get their stories to readers.”

Newspack will offer the necessary tools of the trade to work digitally. Making it easier for journalists to focus on “great editorial work” instead of other tasks. Newspack will support existing plugins and will cost between “$1,000 and $2,000 per month” once released.

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