February 25, 2021
Google Working On an Android TV Casting Bug Fix

Google is Fixing a Bug that’s Causing Problems with Android TV Casting

A recent glitch in Android TV casting is sending errant notifications to users but Google is working on a solution to solve the problem…

Android TV devices support casting from mobile phones and tablets. Basically, it’s a way to bring what’s on a small screen over to a larger one, and retain media controls on the smaller. Lately though, some Android TV owners have experienced a problem that sends errant notifications to their mobile devices.

Google Working On an Android TV Casting Bug Fix

The recent appearance of the Android TV bug comes in different forms. Some people say their mobile devices receive notifications when there’s no connection. Among the most notable culprits are popular services like Disney+, Kodi, Netflix, Plex, Tidal, YouTube, and YouTube TV. Fortunately, Google is working on a solution.

The issue doesn’t seem to be widespread at the moment. However, it’s happening when there’s no casting actually going on and the only workaround isn’t exactly the best solution. (It’s possible to disable Chromecast notifications, but that will also disable the media playback controls — which is a big trade off.)

Though Google is in the process of rolling out a fix, the company hasn’t stated when users can expect it. 

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