September 20, 2022
Google Working on Android 12 Color Deep Theming System

ICYMI: Google might Introduce an Option in Android 12 that can Recolor the UI and Even Apps

Google is reportedly developing a new in-depth theming system that would posses the ability to choose a primary and accent color for the UI…

Google first introduced a dedicated dark mode with Android version 10. It helps to reduce eye strain, save a little battery life, and offer a more consistent look. Now, the tech giant is supposedly working to implement a much deeper color theming tool, one that could actually offer owners the ability to pick a primary and accent color for the entire UI. What’s more, one that could do the same for apps, essentially recoloring all apps.

Google Working on Android 12 Color Deep Theming System

Google’s Pixel phones already posses the power to change some system-level colors, like those applicable to the Quick Settings tiles, with a handful of color choices. But, aside from the system-wide dark theme, there’s really no more customization options. However, if the reports are true, Google is working to give Android users a bit more customization. The new feature would let users chose their own primary and accent theme colors. Below is a mockup put together by¬†9to5Google that depicts what the end-result might look like:

Credit: Mockup by 9to5Google

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