November 26, 2021
Google Working on Screenshots for Chrome Incognito Mode

Chrome might Soon Support Screenshots Inside Incognito Mode

Google could let Chrome users snap screenshots while browsing in its incognito mode, in the not-too-distant future, according to recent comments…

To keep browsing histories private, Chrome users regularly turn to the web portal’s incognito mode. It doesn’t keep track of sites visited and is ideal for things like finding the best deals on flights, hotels, and more.

Since it prevents access to local cookies, it’s a great way to avoid falling victim to sudden retargeting price hikes travel sites enact. (Travel sites record visitors’ activities, and we people return, raise prices.) So, incognito mode is one of the best ways around such scenarios. But, it doesn’t support screenshots. However, that might just be coming to an end.

Google is Working on Screenshots for Chrome’s Incognito Mode

A thread in Chromium’s reported bugs reveals that developers are working to bring screenshot support to the mobile browser. (Chrome for desktop already supports the option simply by using the “Print Screen” keyboard button.) Right now, attempting to snap a screenshot inside incognito mode on Chrome’s mobile browser triggers a message that alerts users that the tool isn’t supported.

If the feature does come to fruition, it will probably make its debut in Canary, then to beta. Most likely, it will roll out through an experimental flag, meaning people will have to manually enable it. But, if it proves useful and powerful, we could have access to screenshotting in Chrome’s incognito mode.

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