September 15, 2022
Google's Area 120 Shoelace Hyper-Local Social Network to Shutdown on May 12th

Google’s Experimental Wing 120’s Hyper-Local Social Networ, Shoelace, is Shutting Down on May 12th

Area 120, an experimental section of Google, produced a localized social network called Shoelace in July 2019, and now it’s being shut down in May…

Nearly ten months ago, Google’s Area 120, an experimental outfit, introduced a hyper-local social network named “Shoelace.” It started out as an invite-only platform, rolling out to both Android and iOS. Its purpose was to allow users to plan and attend various in-person social activities. But, meetups were already going out-of-style and Shoelace was forced into pausing its operation.

Google’s Area 120 Shoelace Hyper-Local Social Network to Shutdown on May 12th

Shoelace has lingered in obscurity since that time and now, it’s being shut down permanently. Users have received an email that announces its end, which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 12th.

This certainly isn’t the only Area 120 product to face extinction. There’s a long list of other services put out by the experimental wing which have mostly suffered disinterest by the public.

Here’s more details Google has provided on a FAQ page:

“Why is Shoelace being shut down?

Like all projects within Area 120, Shoelace was an experiment. We’re proud of the work that we accomplished and the community that we built, but given the current health crisis, we don’t feel that now is the right time to invest further in this project.”

Google's Area 120 Shoelace Hyper-Local Social Network Shutdown announcement
Credit: Google

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