May 27, 2022
Google's Change to its Developer Policies will Kill Third-Party Recording Apps on May 11th

Google is About to Kill Off Call Recording Apps for Android and It Starts May 11th

Google’s Play Store policy change will effectively render all third-party Android call recording apps useless, beginning May 11th…

Google recently changed some of its Play Store policies that will go into effect on Wednesday, May 11th. One such change will effectively kill off many call recording apps designed for Android for good. The particular policy change affects the use of Google’s Accessibility API for developers. The tech giant states, “The Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording.”

Google’s Change to its Developer Policies will Kill Third-Party Recording Apps on May 11th

This isn’t exactly out of the blue. Several previous versions of Android have slowly deprecated and removed APIs that enable call recording over a number of devices. Google is doing this to protect users’ privacy and security. In fact, the company outright blocked call recording by default with the introduction of Android 10. But, developers used an alternative method to keep building call recording apps for Android.

To circumvent the restriction, app devs simply began using the Accessibility API to record calls. However, with the recent policy change, that workaround will end on May 11th. Although, this doesn’t mean all call recording apps for Android are going away. Native call recording functionality will still be available on Google Pixels, Xiaomi phones, and select others.

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