June 19, 2021
Google's Translate App Adding a Transcription Saving Option

Google’s Translate App will Soon Allow Users to Save Transcripts

Google’s translation app is about to get a whole lot more useful as it prepares to offer transcriptions in an upcoming release…

Just last week, Google announced its Translate app now supports Italian on Twitter. With it came another bit of news that’s even bigger — the ability to save real-time transcripts. The tech giant originally revealed its transcription functionality back in March, but now, it appears that it’s getting closer to wide, stable release. 

Google’s Translate App Adding a Transcription Saving Option

The feature is quite impressive. It allows users to transcribe speech as it’s being spoken, supporting any combination for eight languages. That’s very useful, particularly in situations where two or three languages are being spoken at once. Although, Google hasn’t provided too much detail. So, it’s unknown if there will be an option to save those transcripts and do other things, like editing the documents and/or renaming files. (Or, if it will integrate with Drive or Keep.)

Google also didn’t set a release date for the feature. But, it might not come with a future version. Instead, Google might go the server-side switch route to enable it.

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