April 28, 2021
Grammarly synonym suggestions

Grammarly for Android and iOS Now Features Synonym Suggestions

The Grammarly mobile app for both Android and iOS now supports a synonym suggestion tool, making it easier for users to express themselves…

There’s an elephant in the room when it comes to texting — bad spelling and grammar. It’s unfortunately all-too-common to quickly compose and send off nonsensical messages. But, it’s just as easy to get stuck, frustrating over coming up with the right phraseology.

Grammarly Synonym Suggestions come to Android and iOS

Now, Grammarly for iOS and Android is here to help its users out. The app will now suggest synonyms based on what’s being input. This means people can find appropriate words when generic language is too vague or dry.

To use the new Grammarly synonym suggestion tool, just go into the settings menu and enable it.

It’s certainly a helpful option, at least ostensibly. Such a feature could lead to people using verbose verbiage rather than relying on straightforward talk. Nonetheless, it does give users more communication tools.

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