October 19, 2021
GrubHub replacing restaurant phone numbers on Yelp

GrubHub Surreptitiously Replacing Restaurant Phone Numbers on Yelp and Eateries might Not even Know

GrubHub is covertly replacing phone numbers of restaurants on Yelp, and some eateries aren’t even aware the changes are happening…

Online and mobile food ordering and delivery company GrubHub is again being accused of hijacking restaurants’ online profiles for its own profit.

GrubHub Clandestinely Replacing Restaurant Phone Numbers on Yelp

Recently, Motherboard learned some restaurants’ phone listings within the Yelp app have been quietly replaced with GrubHub’s own numbers. The stealth change allows GrubHub to collect “referral fees” from customers’ orders.

While its entirely possible to get an actual number to a restaurant by tapping on “general questions,” it’s more likely for customers to unknowingly dial GrubHub directly by tapping on “delivery or takeout.”

GrubHub states it does provide phone numbers to restaurants that sign up for its marketing services but not deliveries. This allows GrubHub to handle orders which aren’t typically covered by applicable delivery fees.

Additionally, there are other concerns about false positives which cost restaurants real money. This, even though GrubHub expanded its window for charge disputes to 120 days.

Still, this clearly demonstrates the problems restaurants experience with such marketing and delivery services.

While it does provide conveniences for customers and expands the marketing reach of eateries, it also undermines restaurants’ control over their patron relationships.

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