May 19, 2022
Android RCS enable hack breaks

Previously Reported RCS Enabling Hack No Longer Works (at Least for Some)

A workaround to manually force RCS to work on Android phones, regardless of carrier support, no longer functions for some people…

Last week, a fairly simple hack to enable RCS messaging without carrier support hit the internet. It quickly brought Rich Communication Services functions to just about any mobile device with an easy-to-follow workaround. Now, there are many user reports of it failing to work. However others continue to enjoy the feature.

Hack for Enabling RCS on Android Phones Breaks

People have taken to online forms, including Reddit, to share their experiences. It seems over the weekend, more than a few users experienced a breakdown in the functionality of the hack after using it.

Although, a significant portion reported it working again after breaking, but all of these user experiences are anecdotal. However, there is no real way to empirically measure the success or failures of the hack overall.

It’s more than likely this trick will being a short-lived one as carriers, OEMs, and others won’t allow an unsanctioned workaround to manually force-enable RCS.

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