August 5, 2022
hacker paid ATT employees thousands to unlock millions of phones

Hacker Allegedly Paid AT&T Employees Thousands to Unlock Millions of Customer Phones, DOJ Claims

The United States Justice Department is alleging a hacker paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to AT&T employees to unlock millions of phones…

The US Justice Department is claiming 34 year-old Muhammad Fahd paid AT&T employees thousands of dollars over the course of five years to break into customers’ phones.

Hacker Allegedly Paid Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to AT&T Employees to Unlock Millions of Phones, DOJ Claims

Muhammad Fahd, who has been extradited from Hong Kong to the United States, allegedly paid one employee more than $240,000 over half a decade.

The DOJ says at first, Fahd would provide AT&T workers with International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. Thereafter, the insiders would use the company’s proprietary system to unlock the devices.

However, all but one of his contacts were fired by the telecom. So, Fahd allegedly worked with the remaining co-conspirator to install malware in order to unlock phones remotely.

The DOJ estimates this cost AT&T millions in lost revenue, due to the fact the mobile devices were transferred away from its network.

Fahd would take payments from customers who sought to unlock their phones to leave the AT&T network, according to Forbes.

Three former employees involved in the scheme have already plead guilty. Fahd faces up to 20 years in prison for a variety of charges, if found guilty.

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