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Hacker Sells Login Information of C-Suite Executives’ Email on Black Market

Hacker Sells C-Suite Executive Email Account Login Credentials

Credit: Instructional Solutions

C-suite level executives’ email information has been obtained by at least one hacker, who is attempting to sell access to the sensitive data…

Recent news reports state a hacker claims to have access to “hundreds” of C-suite executives’ email accounts. These ostensibly include Microsoft-based email addresses of CEOs, vice presidents, as well as directors. Presumably, the targets include the head of a mid-sized American software corporation, along with the chief of a US apparel manufacturer, and the CFO of a European retail chain.

Hacker Sells C-Suite Executive Email Account Login Credentials

The stolen credentials are available on the black market in a limited-access Russian underground forum. The information for individual accounts sell for between $100 and $1,500 each, depending on their relative value. One assessment from threat intelligence firm KELA surmised the hacker could have gained access to the accounts by purchasing data from computers infected with a data-stealing AzorUlt trojan.

At least two of the many executives’ email accounts have already been confirmed to be authentic. Though, this doesn’t mean all the rest for sale are also genuine. However, companies who appear to have been victimized have been or will be notified about the leak. Of course, such access could give cyber-criminals just enough to engage in extortion or fraud.

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