September 30, 2022
Hackers Disguise Computer Support Scheme as Legitimate Google Search Home Home Depot Ad

Beware: Malicious Computer Support Scam Disguised as Legitimate Home Depot Ad takes Top Google Search Spot

A group of hackers is running a genuine-looking Home Depot ad that’s actually a tech scheme, which has taken the top position in Google search…

Hackers are using a fake home Depot ad in Google search to trap unsuspecting victims into a computer tech support scam. The bogus ad looks convincingly real, and what’s worse, displays the legitimate URL when hovered over. This carefully crafted subterfuge is not only dangerous because of its intentions, but also because of its position. Right now, the fraudulent ad is appearing at the very top of Google’s search page.

Hackers Disguise Computer Support Scheme as Legitimate Google Search Home Home Depot Ad

The illegitimate improvement store ad takes searchers through a series of pages before landing on a malicious site. Once there, a persistent and annoying Windows Defender warning message appears, and triggers multiple print boxes to open. This essentially traps potential victims, making it very difficult to exit the browsing session. This tactic is intended to keep people in a seemingly inescapable loop, designed to make them interact with the hackers, who pose as legitimate tech support.

Previous schemes have used similar strategies with other international corporations, such as eBay, PayPal, and Amazon Prime, just to name a few. What differentiates this particular scheme is the fact that it does not always direct people who click on the bogus ad to the scam site. Instead, it only does this once every 24 hours, in order to evade detection.

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