October 1, 2022
Hackers Pushing Fake COVID-19 Relief Grants on Social Media Sites

New Social Media Scam Promises Free Money from “Friends'” Messages

There’s another convincing scam going around Facebook and other social networks involving fake COVID-19 relief grants…

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a new con that’s going around social media, Facebook, in-particular. Cybercriminals are taking full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and economic upheaval to victimize numerous people. Their approach is believable, making it seem legitimate, which is why multiple consumers have fallen prey to the scheme. But, like any other hustle, it sounds too good to be true.

Hackers Pushing Fake COVID-19 Relief Grants on Facebook, other Social Media Sites

Scammers pose as familiar contacts or family members. They offer their targets “financial relief grants” of up to $1,000. Once a potential target takes the bait, the schemers request certain personal information to make the funds available. Of course, this also requires paying an upfront fee to process the grant. After the victim transfers the requested fee amount, all communications stop. 

The BBB recommends that consumers approach such offers with skepticism. Grants don’t require upfront payment. Also, there aren’t any COVID-19 government grants available at this time. Obviously, it’s always best to verify that the person reaching out is indeed who they say they are. If anything seems off or awry, do not send money to the contact and notify the social network immediately. 

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