December 5, 2021
hackers steal carrier data

Hackers Steal Phone Records from 10 Carriers Worldwide

Hackers illegally obtained phone records from ten carries across the globe, appearing as the work of a Chinese cyber-criminal crew…

At least ten telecommunications companies were victimized by hackers as what appears to be a longstanding, state-sponsored cyber attack, according to Cybereason, a Boston information-security firm.

Hackers Steal Phone Records from 10 Carriers Worldwide

The hackers targeted the call and text records of between twenty and thirty high-profile individuals.

The operation has the appearance of the previous actions of a well-known Chinese outfit. However, this might be a false flag to throw-off investigators.

The report itself did not specifically name any of the targeted companies, but it does state none are in North America. The most likely end-targets of the operation are political dissidents, national leaders, military officials, as well as top corporate executives. (The average person is at little to no risk of being targeted.)

The hackers allegedly gained access through vulnerabilities in Microsoft-powered web servers. Once inside the systems, the hackers could easily steal all sorts of information, including passwords and more. Plus, search through the carriers’ computer networks.

The attacks resulted in the taking of “hundreds of gigabytes” of information over several years.

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