November 5, 2022
hacktivist attacks decline

Hacktivist Attacks Fell by 95 Percent since 2015, New Data Shows

Hacktivist attacks have declined sharply over the past four years, as collective hacker groups become more sparse and law enforcement stops bad actors…

For some time now, threat intelligence analysts have claimed hacktivism is all but dead. Now, new data from IBM X-Force confirms this notion. That report demonstrates the immense collapse of hacktivism, with activity levels almost bottoming out at a 95 percent decline.

Hacktivist Attacks Fell by 95 Percent since 2015, New Data Shows

The study shows security incidents perpetrated by hacker groups operating in the name of hacktivism causes has fell since 2015. That, by the way, is the same year, such activity registered a peak, with a total of 35 publicly reported incidents.

Since that time about four years ago, such incidents have decreased at a steady clip. In 2017, just five were reported, with two in 2018, and zero in the first months of this year.

Although hacktivist attacks are still ongoing, the number of actual incidents or successful breaches have fell consistently.

Researchers attribute this trend to two factors. The first is the seemingly breakup of the Anonymous hacker collective. The second is a more virulent crackdown by law enforcement.

Combined, these two dynamics have greatly reduced the number of attacks and have resulted in a less hostile internet environment.

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