January 27, 2022

Half of Facebook Parents Spy

Facebook parents spyMenlo Park, California–A new study concludes that nearly half of parents who join Facebook do so–at least in  part–to spy on their children. The report finds that adults are using the social network to keep track of their children’s friends, drugs of choice, and to glean insight into what their kids think about them.

It’s long been accepted that a percentage of parents who join social media do so to keep tabs on their children. But most of the time adults are probably reconnecting with lost loves, getting in touch with distant relatives, bragging about their new station in life and/or spilling their guts about some horror that’s befallen them.

However, research shows that 92 percent of parents befriend their offspring on the social platform as a means to an end. Spying, it turns out, is the largest ulterior motive parents have to sign-up. But children aren’t fooled by these supposed goodwill gestures.

In fact, the study reveals that 1/3 of those on Facebook would opt to “unfriend” their parents, if such a feature was available, according to the The Education Database Online. Justifying the family disconnect, so-to-speak, is the fact that 43 percent of parents admit checking their children’s profiles everyday.

So what could possibly explain the paradox? It could lie in the fact that teens and tweens consider Facebook to be passe; to them it’s old and therefore isn’t a treasure trove of information. Another fact flushed out is that adults aren’t terribly worried about being exposed as parental spies, according to the study conducted by The Education Database Online.