November 28, 2021
HBO Max Reaches 12.6 Million Subscribers ahead of Wonder Woman 1984 Release

HBO Max Already Claims Over 12 Million Activations Prior to ‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ Debut

HBO Max now has more than 12 million sign ups five months in, but it lags way behind the stellar performance of rival Disney Plus…

AT&T rolled HBO Max out on May 27th. As of September 30th, it had accumulated 8.6 million subscribers. Now, as of early December, there have been 12.6 million activations. Those figures include cable customers expanding in their existing accounts, along with AT&T wireless customers using the mobile app. Though that makes it difficult to compare to its peers, it still falls considerably short of rival Disney+.

HBO Max Reaches 12.6 Million Subscribers ahead of Wonder Woman 1984 Release

For context, Disney+ amassed 10+ million subscribers within 24 hours of its launch and recorded 3.2 million app downloads. Just about a month later, the latter figure grew to 22 million mobile installations. Then, approximately eleven weeks after its release, Disney+ topped 28 million subscribers, climbing to more than 73 million customers within its first year. That amounts to an increase of over 7x in only a year.

By contrast, HBO Max is growing significantly more slowly. Part of this is likely due to the fact there are now so many streaming services and consumers are more picky. But, it might see a bigger bump come next year, when all Warner Bros movies slated for release will simultaneously debut in theaters and HBO Max.

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