October 1, 2022
HBO Preparing an Ad-Supported Tier for HBO Max

HBO is Working on an Ad-Supported Tier for HBO Max that Won’t include Same-Day Movie Releases

HBO is ostensibly developing a cheaper HBO Max streaming service that will be ad-supported and won’t include same-day movie releases…

HBO Max launched about a year ago and is enjoying its expected success. This, due to its extensive content catalog and some popular same-day movie releases. But, WarnerMedia is aiming to grow its paying audience to between between 120 and 150 million subscribers by the end of 2025. Key to that strategy is offering a less expensive version of the streaming platform.

HBO Preparing an Ad-Supported Tier for HBO Max

The new HBO Max budget alternative will first go live in the United States in June. Soon thereafter, the company will roll the service out to thirty-nine territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, with twenty-one additional European markets being added in late 2021. However, with the discounted price comes two sacrifices new subscribers would have to make to watch.

HBO Max’s cheaper tier will contain ads and it won’t have access to same-day movie releases. Of course, this begs the question if people will sign up to enjoy spending less on entertainment but also at the cost of having to endure advertisements, while also not enjoying the privilege of watching same-day releases. So, the price will have to be enticing enough to get people to subscribe.

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