May 24, 2022
Android Q chat head bubbles

It’s Possible Android Q will include Chat Head Bubbles with its New UX

Android Q chat head bubbles might just make their way to the user interface, as the option lies concealed from view for now…

Facebook was the first to introduce the public to chat head bubbles. For those unsure, these are those floating icons which pop up on the home screen, alerting users to notifications.

It’s been about six years since that time and it appears Google might also bring the feature to Android Q.

Hidden Android Q Chat Head Bubbles Feature Spotted

When the technology debuted in about 2013 for Facebook Messenger, it was completely original. It allowed people to quickly reply to incoming messages without having to leave the app they were already using. Now, it seems Google is toying with the notion of bringing the same to Android Q. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Android Q chat head bubble screenshot
Credit: Android Police

The good thing about the option is it behaves just like the Facebook Messenger chat head bubble. Users can move it around and it stays pinned over top of any activity that’s not in full screen mode.

However, it doesn’t come without a few cons. First and foremost, the chat head bubble wasn’t exactly the most popular smartphone feature. It annoyed some users with its behavior.

Another obstacle is the fact it isn’t regulated to just one app. Instead, Android Q chat head bubbles apply to several programs. In other words, there are multiple floating icons to deal with.

So, it remains to be seen if it will indeed ship along with Android Q enabled by default or as an optional tool.

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