January 12, 2022
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Google Hid a Fun Game in the Google App Resembling Flappy Bird, to Help People Pass the Time when Offline

A hidden offline Google app game lies behind-the-scenes, ready to appear and play for fun when there’s no internet connection…

Even though free Wi-Fi and mobile carrier connections are quite widely available, there are still spots where people just can’t connect to the internet.

It’s those moments where a sudden realization strikes; an instance of feeling disconnected to modern technology. Fortunately, Google has a solution for those dull situations.

Hidden Offline Google App Game gives Users Something to Occupy their Downtime

Google has hidden an offline game in the Google app and it’s accessible when the internet isn’t. In fact, to gain access to the game, it’s best to turn off the both the Wi-Fi and data connections.

The game is reminiscent of Flappy Bird, which died some time ago, which features a cloud instead of a bird.

To play, it’s necessary to be without a Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection. Then, open the Google app and perform a search for any topic. A message will appear, warning there’s no internet connection. With it, a cloud character appears. Tap on it to play the game.

Players control the cloud, dodging storm clouds, birds, as well as other obstacles. It’s a very simplistic game but fun nonetheless.

hidden offline Google app game
Credit: Android Police / Google

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