September 15, 2022
Hotels Adding Google Nest Hub as Virtual Hotel Concierges

Google is Taking Over the Hotel Concierge Position with Nest Hub and Google Assistant

Google Nest Hub is getting a chance to take some responsibilities away from hotel concierges, but only at participating locations…

Some travelers’ next hotel stay might be a bit different — and not just because of COVID-19, either. Google is teaming up with some hotels to put a Nest Hub in each room. Complete with Google Assistant integration, the smart displays will perform a number of tasks usually handled by the on-site concierge. So, it’s a kind of hands-free, no-contact type of hospitality help.

Hotels Adding Google Nest Hub as Virtual Hotel Concierges

In participating locations, hotel guests can set a wake up call with the front desk via Nest Hub. Or, request more towels for their room. And perhaps, order room service. It could even do things like tell guests pool opening and closing times, control the television, lights, and blinds. Of course, its functionality will depend on what other things are connected to the internet. 

For people concerned about privacy and/or the hassle of connecting their own personal accounts, Google says that won’t be an issue. The smart displays won’t require a sign-in, meaning no information or inputs will be stored, including audio. Plus, the Nest Hub will erase all of a guest’s activity after checkout and the hotel resets the device to accommodate the next guest.

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