September 20, 2022
House Judiciary Committee Delays Big Tech Antitrust Hearing until July 29th

US House’s Antitrust Hearing with Google and Apple Rescheduled to July 29th

The antitrust hearing involving Apple and Google in front of the US House Judiciary Committee has been delayed until Wednesday, July 29th…

Following a short break to honor civil rights icon John Lewis’ death, the House Judiciary Committee has reset its antitrust hearing with Google and Apple. Now, it will be held on Wednesday, July 29th, starting at 12pm EST. It will probably live-stream on the committee’s official YouTube channel (yes, there’s such a thing), 

House Judiciary Committee Delays Big Tech Antitrust Hearing until July 29th

The hearing will include the CEOs of the biggest of big tech names, including Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. They’ll testify in regard to their respective company’s practices and about alleged online dominance, monopolistic behaviors. It comes as smaller rivals and some members of Congress allege the big four have unfair advantages and essentially quash all or most competition.

This marks the first time all four chief executives have testified in a single hearing. Plus, this is the very first appearance by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in front of a congressional panel.

Although, it’s expected no major revelations will occur. The hearing will likely be quite similar to the one in 2018 with Mark Zuckerberg, meaning the companies will probably stick to their previous messages and reject concerns about the power their companies wield. Still, it could help the Judiciary Committee chart a path for the rest of its investigation.

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