September 10, 2021
Houseparty Facemail

Houseparty Adds Facemail, a Way to Share Short Chat Clips with Family and Friends

Houseparty Facemail debuts, a new way to capture and send along bite-size moments from chats to connected family and friends…

Group video chat app, Houseparty, hopes to expand its user base with a new feature called Facemail. Aimed at teens, the app isn’t exactly racking up the usership numbers but it is making strides toward wider adoption.

Houseparty Facemail Chat Snippets goes Live

The new Houseparty Facemail option comes after the company learned that 40 percent of time a user wanted to interact with a connected family member or friend, the other person wasn’t available.

Facemail allows users to record and share 15-second clips from chats within the app. With such a tool, the company hopes to find more use in day-to-day activities.

Houseparty centers around what it sometimes called “live chilling.” Users simply launch the app and see who’s online at the time. Then, select one or more people to chant with. CEO Ben Rubin states “a couple million” people use Houseparty daily. And, the average time of engagement is 55 minutes per day.

How to Use Houseparty Facemail

To create a Houseparty Facemail, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Houseparty app.
  2. Tap the new camera icon within a live chat. 
  3. Wait for a 3-second countdown. 
  4. Record the chat for up to 15 seconds. 
  5. Send it to connected family and friends.

Recipents will receive a message notification. Users can also save clips to their camera rolls to share later.

Houseparty Facemail is currently rolling out to all users on Android and iOS.

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