September 16, 2022

How I Got 1.2 Million Pinterest Followers

getting-pinterest-followersNew York, New York–Journalist Robert Anthony knows a thing or two about social media. The former PC Magazine writer and tech reporter has joked about being “the only man on Pinterest”.

But he’s putting his knowledge and a bit of craftiness into his online social swagger, racking-up 1.2 million followers on Pinterest, according to an interview conducted by CNET News.

A contributor to New York Daily News, PC World, Black Enterprise and other publications, he has only 500 Twitter users following his handle @NewYorkBob.

The immense amount of Pinterest followers puzzles the technology journalist, “Despite some diligent research, I don’t know why the number of followers for my Paper PC Picks tech board…jumped from a few dozen in July, to a few thousand in August to more than 1.1 million today. I may have had one of my pins repinned by someone with millions of followers and things took off from there”, he told CNET.

Asked about his secret, he offers the following bits of advice for how to make the photo-pinning site work for you or your brand:

  • Stay with what you know. Anything you pin ought to be tagged with your personal take on it.
  • Ask yourself if its interesting. If its a wide ranging topic, then carve out a niche. He cites “cute cats” won’t cut it but Mighty Mean Kitties is likely to pique interest.
  • Link back to your Pinterest profile. If you have a website and/or blog, be sure to link to your social profiles.
  • Never go overboard. Pinterest users easily tire of others pinning excessively. Only publish your best–quality over quantity.
  • Go tall and thin, not short and stubby. The way the online pinboard is setup, vertical pictures work best.
  • Remember to K.I.S.S. The old cliche works in your favor for practically anything in life, so Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t bog down your pins with lengthy descriptions, let the images speak for themselves.