November 5, 2022
how many robocalls go out per month

Number of Robocalls per Month Rises

How many robocalls go out each month will shock the average consumer as the number of spam calls each month continues to rise…

The number of robocalls placed every month just keeps going up. But there’s good news. Almost half of automated calls placed each month are legitimate. Unfortunately, a very sizable percentage are still spam calls, scam calls, and unsolicited calls.

Number of Robocalls per Month Rises

The number of robocalls made per month is simply astounding. Last year, reports estimated as many as 47 billion automated calls went out through 2018. That works out to 3.9+ billion per month. And, it’s actually much smaller than what’s been recorded so far this year.

How Many Robocalls go Out per Month

How many robocalls go out per month exactly? In October alone, 5.7 billion robocalls went out to American consumers. Unbelievably, that’s a 7 percent increase from the last record, set back in March, of 5.2 billion, according to call block app YouMail.

However, not all automated calls are bad. Roughly half of all automated calls are legitimate ones. (These include reminders, alerts, and other reasons.)

Although, 47 percent are comprised of nefarious spam calls and illegal scam calls. The most affected city in the country is Atlanta, with an average of 76 calls per resident in October. Other robocall laden areas include Texas, Louisiana, and Washington DC.

Surprisingly, just 12 percent are unsolicited communications or telemarketing calls — far fewer the average person would guess.

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