April 28, 2021
How to Skip YouTube Ads on Desktop

How to Stop YouTube Ads from Playing without Paying for a Subscription

Blocking YouTube ads can be done in a few ways and one in-particular is through a strange trick that doesn’t require paying for the Premium service…

YouTube rules supreme as the depot of video hosting. It’s so popular, the video hosting platform earned a whopping $15.1 billion in revenue in 2019 alone. Of course, the site does this through monetization by displaying ads. But, most users don’t particularly relish the ad-supported format, though they tolerate it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience.

How to Block YouTube Ads

Obviously, there’s an easy, straightforward way to remove YouTube ads — pay for the privilege. Simply signup for YouTube Premium and get YouTube Music Premium included at no extra charge. It’s only $11.99 per month and offers free downloads and more perks, as well.

However, if that isn’t a preferable choice, just install an ad-blocker. Although, this method isn’t guaranteed to work, and it might even have unintended consequences. For instance, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus users on the Microsoft Edge browser have discovered the extensions break YouTube.

How to Skip YouTube Ads on Desktop

For those who don’t either want to pay for yet another subscription service or fool around with browser extensions, there’s another way to stop YouTube ads from playing. With a simple URL trick, it’s possible to block YouTube ads on a desktop or a laptop (and perhaps, on mobile, depending on the browser). Here’s how to skip YouTube ads on desktop:

  1. Open YouTube.com
  2. Click on a video or search for one.
  3. Hit pause immediately.
  4. Place an extra period before the forward slash in the web address (youtube.com./somevideo)
  5. Resume the video, ad-free.

This trick currently works but there’s no telling how long. In fact, we’re still waiting for an enterprising developer to create a Chrome extension that automatically inserts the extra period to filter out advertisements.

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