Yes, Facebook Suffered a Massive Data Leak Over Easter Break — Here’s How to Check for Compromised Accounts

Credit: AP

Over the weekend, multiple news reports stated that 533 million Facebook profiles leaked; here’s how to check to see which were among them…

During the 2021 Easter break, news organizations all over the world reported Facebook had suffered a massive data leak, which led to the exposure of approximately 533 million accounts. While this certainly isn’t the first time the social network has been compromised and it’s security, it does represent the largest laps to date.

What’s worse, is that the hacked information was made available in approximately 106 different countries. The exposed data included phone numbers, and or email addresses around half a billion Facebook users.

How to Check if Your Facebook Account was Part of the 533 Million Record Easter 2021 Leak

CEO of security firm Hudson Rock, Alon Gal, tweeted about the incident back in January, saying that the database came to the fore when a Telegram user made a bot that let users query the database for a fee. In order to confirm which accounts were compromised, it’s possible to find out through ‘;–have i been pwned? Just go to the website and enter a Facebook account email address.

If the account was part of the leak, a warning will appear, prompting a password change, along with enabling two-factor authentication.

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