October 1, 2022
how to disable Netflix autoplay preview videos

It’s Finally Possible to Turn Off those Really Annoying Autoplay Previews on Netflix — Here’s How to Do It

Netflix now lets streamers switch off autoplay previews on its platform, finally giving subscribers one of the most requested options…

There’s no question that Netflix is a truly thing of joy. With literally thousands of entertainment choices, it sits atop the streaming subscription service industry. But, it just got better. Like a whole lot better; with a very simple change to how it functions.

Netflix Streamers can Now Turn Off Autoplay Previews

Netflix has announced customers can now turn off those annoying autoplay previews. The company explains that some viewers actually find autoplay previews useful. However, many more prefer not to see them.

So, the streaming service has made it quite simple to shut off autoplay previews within just a couple/few easy steps.

How to Disable Netflix Autoplay Preview Videos

To turn off Netflix autoplay preview videos, jump onto any web browser and login (it’s not yet found on the mobile app). Here’s how to disable autoplay previews on Netflix:

  1. Navigate to Netflix.com on any desktop or laptop machine.
  2. Sign into the streaming service.
  3. Go to Manage Profiles settings.
  4. Click on a Profile.
  5. Uncheck “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.”
how to turn off autoplay previews on Netflix
Credit: Netflix

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