October 14, 2021
Gboard glide typing bug fix

Gboard Glide Typing Bug Appears — Here’s How to Fix It

Here’s a quick, easy, and effective Gboard glide typing bug fix which restores normal function on just about any mobile device…

Several Gboard users report issues with glide typing. Google itself confirmed the problem and is working toward a fix:

“We’re aware of a bug that affects glide typing accuracy in Gboard. We’re working on a fix; in the meantime, force-quitting Gboard or rebooting your phone may provide a temporary solution.”

However, instead of switching over to the built-in keyboard on a mobile device, there’s a way to make the Gboard app behave again.

Gboard Glide Typing Bug Affecting many Mobile Devices

Many Gboard app users have been affected by the issue. Basically, when using glide typing, it results in inaccurate translations and suggestions are way off-base. Here’s just one example, posted on Reddit:

Gboard glide typing bug in-action

One explanation is this is somehow related to the recent battery saver bug which hit devices running Android Pie. But, this isn’t the case as some devices unaffected by the battery saving bug are affected by the Gboard app glide typing issue. So, the two are unrelated to one another.

How to Fix the Gboard Glide Typing Bug

Fortunately, there’s a simple Gboard glide typing bug fix; here’s how:

  1. Force-stop the app.
  2. Clear the cache. 
  3. Restart the device. 

Google states this Gboard glide typing bug fix should work to restore proper functionality.

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