January 17, 2022
Facebook Faceversary video

Facebook Really wants Users to Share More about Themselves

The Facebook Faceversary video is yet another way the social network attempts to get users to share more about themselves, more often…

Facebook is huge. Currently, it claims about 2.2 billion users worldwide. Yet, it continues to suffer from a decline in organic sharing. People just don’t share as much, as often. That’s not all, user growth is stagnating and even declining in key markets.

For instance, back in February, for the first time ever, DAUs or daily active users in the United States and Canada declined by 700,000. What’s more, the social site stayed flat at 239 million monthly users. Although usage grew in every other measured region, growth slowed the most since 2015.

The Facebook Faceversary Video Explained

So, over the past couple of years, Facebook has introduced several ways to get its users to engage. It rolls out monthly memory collections, seasonal collages and videos, Friendversaries, and even a Facebook Faceversary video. It’s a very simple animation, notating how many years it’s been since joining and showing highlights over that period of time. (And, it’s not the same as Lookback or Year in Review.)

How to Get the Facebook Faceversary Video

Like many of these collections, there’s no way to manually retrieve the Facebook Faceversary video. It surfaces automatically and there’s only one shot to edit it before sharing. After it’s shared, it cannot be altered.

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