October 25, 2021
how to manually enable Twitter Lights Out on Android

Twitter brings ‘Lights Out’ Wall-to-Wall Dark Theme to Android and Here’s How to Enable It Manually

Twitter has released a Lights Out dark mode for Android and here’s how to enable it and even make it turn on automatically…

Dark themes are becoming more mainstream. And, with the release of Android 10, dark modes for apps are definitely getting numerous. Now, Twitter is rolling out an AMOLED-black “Lights Out” dark theme for Android. But, it’s not enabled by default. Which means, users must turn it on manually.

How to Manually Enable Twitter Lights Out on Android

The new Lights Out for Twitter on Android brings with it a truly all-black alternative for regular dark modes. 

Twitter has been testing its Lights Out in both Alpha and Beta editions but now, it’s gone live for Android in the most recent app update. Here’s how to manually enable Twitter Lights Out on Android:

  1. Update to the latest iteration of Twitter for Android.
  2. Open the Twitter Android app.
  3. Tap on the profile picture in the upper left corner.
  4. Tap on the blue light bulb at the bottom left of the screen.

(Turning off Lights Out for Twitter on Android will trigger an alert to automatically turn it on, for those interested in the option.)

For those who prefer “Dim,” which previously served as the default setting for dark theme, it’s still available. Just go into the settings and find “Dark mode appearance” to switch over.

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