October 1, 2022
How to Mute Twitter Fleets

After Twitter Introduces its Disappearing Content Option ‘Fleet,’ it Gives Users a Way to Mute Them

Twitter just released its ephemeral content option, Fleets, and with the feature comes a silencing tool; here’s how to mute Twitter Fleets…

Last week, Twitter expanded its ephemeral content tool Fleets to reach everyone on the platform. Fleets is a Stories-like feature, and is now making its way out to all users on the microblog. Although it does mimic the Stories format, it’s significantly different from posting a regular tweet — and in a number of ways. Although a very popular format, not everybody is enamored with disappearing content. Fortunately, there are ways to turn off Twitter Fleets.

How to Mute Twitter Fleets

Opting out of Twitter Fleets takes one of two options. The first way to mute Twitter Fleets is to long-press on the account icon in the Fleets section, then select the mute option “Mute Fleets.” Or, tap on a fleet to see it and then tap the down arrow in the top right corner and select “Mute Fleets.” While these Twitter Fleets mute options are fairly straightforward, they only apply to single accounts.

Unfortunately, this appears to be the biggest shortfall in how to mute Twitter Fleets — there is no global or universal setting to turn them off. In other words, when users mute Twitter Fleets, they can only do so for individual profiles and cannot disable them sitewide.

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