September 21, 2021
how to set a google play store budget on mobile

Google Now Lets Users Set Play Store Spending Limits — Here’s How to Set a Google Play Store Budget on Mobile

Google just quietly snuck a new feature into its Play Store app, a new spending limit tool. So, here’s how to set a Google Play Store budget on mobile…

It’s easy to spend money on the Google Play Store. Since users have their payment information stored and ready-to-go, impulse purchases can really add-up to a lot.

How to Set a Google Play Store Budget on Mobile

Google understands the frustration parents and spontaneous people feel when recounting their past purchases. So, the company has quietly added a new tool to help out. 

Whether it’s games, movies, apps, books, music, or in-app buys, those purchases add-up quickly. To keep spending under control, it’s now possible to set a Google Play Store budget by following these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on a phone or tablet.
  2. On the upper left side, tap “Menu” (the three horizontal line hamburger icon).
  3. Select “Account.” 
  4. Choose “Purchase History.”
  5. Tap on “Set Budget.”

It’s also possible to adjust the Google Play Store spending limit. Or, remove the Google Play Store budget, if desired.

(It’s important to note, setting a Google Play Store budget does not limit purchases, it only tracks the total amount spent to-date during a given month.)

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