November 7, 2022
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Yes, It is Possible to Stop and even make Money on Annoying Robocalls — but there’s One Giant Catch

Stop robocalls with just a simple command and collect money to-boot, but it’s really not all that easy to do in actual practice…

Last year American consumers received about 48 billion robocalls, according to data from call blocking company YouMail.

On average people receive 6 to 7 automated calls per day with some consumers getting as many as 21 or more.

How to Stop Robocalls and Make Money on Illegal Spam Calls

These calls are largely legal, approximately 60 percent do follow the rules. However, a good portion do violate what’s known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. This law states companies must obtain express permission from people before calling them.

Which means, if a call recipient tells the company to stop phoning him or her, that’s all it might take to get the robocalls to stop.

Of course, that’s largely in theory and not necessarily a realistic remedy. Although a verbal command to stop is adequate, and a written statement even more applicable, that doesn’t guarantee success.

The TCPA allows for fines of up to $1,500 per violation of the law. So, at just an average of 6 calls per day, one could cash in on as much as $9,000 a day. Ostensibly, that adds up to $63,000 per week.

Here’s the catch.

Attorneys are able to get their clients money for violation of the TCPA, FDPCA, and other federal and state laws. However, this is only when there are legitimate companies behind those automated calls.

In other words, if it’s a typical robocall solicitation or scam, there is little to no chance to make them pay.

Although the technology exists to stop most of these calls out right, it has yet to be implemented. Until that time, consumers must rely on call-blocking apps and their own judgment.

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