December 8, 2021
How to Take a Screenshot on Android 11

Google just Removed the Screenshot Power Button Shortcut — Here’s How to Capture a Screenshot on Android 11

Android 11 screenshotting has changed and it’s causing a lot of confusion — here’s how to take a screenshot on Android 11…

With the recent release of Android 11, Google added some new features. Among the most requested is screen recording. But, there have also been some tweaks to the UI or user interface, as well. One very noticeable change is how to take a screenshot on Android 11. Previously, on the last version, simply long pressing the power button triggered the action. (At least on Pixel phones.) Now, that no longer works.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android 11

Capturing a screenshot on Android 11 is a bit different. Rather than using the power button shortcut, it’s now a combination move. Google probably made the switch for some type of logistical reason. However, it’s left a lot of people frustrated because there’s no straightforward, official procedure for how to snap a screenshot on Android 11. Although, there are ways to perform the operation.

Ways to Capture a Screenshot in Android 11

To grab a screenshot on Android 11, there are ostensibly three ways for how to capture a screenshot on Android 11. The first is to hold the center button at the bottom and then scroll up to display the apps most recently used. This should surface a screenshot option to the lower left. But, people have taken to official help forums complaining that this method doesn’t work.

Another method to snap a screenshot on Android 11 is to use a physical double-action move by pressing on the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. Just squeeze the power and the volume down buttons at the same time. This will create a screenshot that will appear at the bottom left of the screen with two options: “Share and “Edit.” Since this is a bit cumbersome, Google Assistant can help.

How to Use Google Assistant to Take a Screenshot on Android 11

Finally, it’s also possible to use Google Assistant to capture a screenshot on Android 11. Simply say “Hey Google, take a screenshot. Or, “Okay Google, take a screenshot.” Assistant will confirm the command and execute it. The screenshot will fill the middle of the device’s screen and trigger a share menu. There are several options, including messaging, social media, upload to Google Photos, and more.

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