September 21, 2022
Google Mastercard offline sales tracking

Apparently, Google Teamed Up with Mastercard to Track Offline Sales — Here’s How to Disable It

Google-Mastercard offline sales tracking is now a real thing, courtesy of a tool developed by the tech giant to collect data on real-world purchases…

Last year, Google released a new program called “store sales measurement.” The tool helps retails tell if online ads are effective for driving in-person purchases in the United States. However, the search behemoth didn’t elaborate on how it built the feature, or even how it works. Now, a new report by Bloomberg states Google created it in a secret deal with Mastercard.

Google-Mastercard Offline Sales Tracking Tool Developed

The tech corporation paid Mastercard millions of dollars for tons of consumer transactions, after four years of negotiation. However, Mastercard made no disclosure to its cardholders. So, consumers simply didn’t know their purchases were actually used to develop the tracking tool.

What’s more, the report reveals a scenario of how the tracking option works. For instance, a person searches for “basketball shoes.” Later, he or she clicks on a relevant ad but does not make an online purchase. But, does buy a pair of basketball shoes in a store, using a Mastercard. Google counts that transaction as “offline revenue.”  

Although, this tool doesn’t track every single purchase. There are limits to how it works. Users must already be logged into a Google account when clicking on ad. And, they must make the in-store purchase within 30 days of interacting with said ad. Also, Mastercard states that it only uses “anonymized data.” Meaning, no individual information is part of the program.

How to Turn Off the Google-Mastercard Offline Sales Tracking Tool

To disable the Google-Mastercard offline sales tracking tool, do the following:

  1. Log into an active Google account
  2. Select “Personal info & privacy.”
  3. Click on “Manage your Google activity.”
  5. Toggle off “Web & App Activity.”

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