July 28, 2021
How to Uninstall Adobe Flash from Windows and Mac

Now that Adobe Flash is Finally Dead, it’s Time to Uninstall It — Here’s How

Adobe has officially shut down its support of its Flash Player and that means it’s time to uninstall it from both Windows and Mac computers…

About three years ago, Adobe first announced its intentions to kill off its once wildly popular Flash Player. Now that 2020 is gone, so is the multimedia software platform. Then, in July, the company revealed an end-of-life date — Thursday, December 31st. Up until that time, some functionality still remained. But now, on Tuesday, January 12th, the company will deliberately block all Flash content from running. So, there’s no sense it letting it take up space any longer.

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash from Windows and Mac

There was a time not all that long ago when Adobe’s Flash technology was ubiquitous. It made it possible to easily gain access to games, as well as video content. It even enjoyed a brief period of favorability among Android enthusiasts who wanted support for the program on the mobile OS. But, that time has passed, particularly over the past several years. Just last month, Adobe Flash received its last-ever update.

Now, it’s time to remove it. Thankfully, that’s a fairly straightforward process. Adobe created a Flash Player uninstaller program for Windows and for Mac. Simply download the right one, open it up, and click on the Flash Player Uninstaller icon. That easy process should remove Flash completely from any computer.

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