January 17, 2022
How to Use the Google Maps Speed Trap Feature

Google Maps Helps Drivers Avoid Traffic Tickets with this Super Handy Tool

Google Maps’ speed trap tool is a hidden option that will help drivers avoid costly traffic citations and it works nicely behind the scenes…

Google Maps remains one of the most popular and reliable navigation apps available. Even though parent company Alphabet owns Waze and Apple has much to improve Apple Maps, Google Maps is probably the most robust, multi-talented of the bunch. It comes after being on the market since February of 2005 and benefited from over fifteen years of experience. In fact, there’s so much it can do, many people don’t know some of its most useful tools exist.

How to Use the Google Maps Speed Trap Feature

Google Maps includes a whole lot of information, like distance, alternative routes, traffic conditions, and more. It even displays how busy a location is and serves as a source for recommendations. But, it also alerts drivers to unsafe road conditions. Better still, it warns people behind the wheel when there’s active traffic enforcement ahead on their route — colloquially known as speed traps.

Google Maps’ speed trap detection works based on crowdsourcing. And, it doesn’t have to be manually enabled to work. Simply open Google Maps, set a destination, and if there are noted speed traps along the way, a blue megaphone will appear — along with an audio warning, to boot. The icon will show up at the approximate location, usually in enough time to slow down.

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