November 28, 2021
Huawei lockscreen ads

Huawei Decides there’s No Such Thing as Enough Bad Press, So it Puts Ads onto Its Lockscreens

Huawei lockscreen ads began randomly popping-up on its mobile phones, causing owners to question what’s going on with the company…

Huawei owners took to Twitter (where else), to complain about ads surfacing on their device lockscreens without warning.

Huawei Lockscreen Ads Inexplicably Appear

The Huawei lockscreen ads have appeared on devices using preinstalled landscape wallpapers. And, people have seen the adverts in several countries, including the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, and Germany. Ads are likewise displaying on different models.

Of course, Huawei device owners weren’t happy with the ads. Their appearance comes at a very inopportune time, given the company’s recent slew of bad press.

The ads are from the travel site, Several news organizations have reached out to both companies for comment. 

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