August 6, 2022
Huawei's Expired US Licenses Mean No More Software Updates

Huawei Phone Owners in the US will Soon be Forced to Switch to Another Device

Huawei phone owners in the United States won’t be able to hang onto their devices much longer, due to expired licensing…

After more than a year, the United States Department of Commerce has stopped issuing Huawei temporary licenses to keep the manufacturer’s devices up-to-date with software releases. That’s bad news for anyone who owns a Huawei phone in the US because it means there won’t be any more updates going forward. Which means in-turn, those phones will become less and less useful and more and more susceptible to security vulnerabilities. 

Huawei’s Expired US Licenses Mean No More Software Updates

Last week, news reports confirmed that the previous exceptions by the Commerce Department quietly expired on Wednesday, August 13th. That makes it illegal for companies like Google and other mobile phone software developers to send updates to Huawei devices. So, anyone with such phones not only won’t get Android 11 or any other upgrades.

With so much coverage of TikTok and it’s ban in the US in government roles, Huawei hasn’t been the center of focus. However, the Chinese-based company has faced harsh criticism and scrutiny over its practices. So much, that the US and the UK alike, have pulled or are getting rid of all Huawei equipment. 

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