November 5, 2022
Hulu beats Netflix in number of high-quality television series

Hulu Outdoes Netflix in this One Key Area that will Likely Surprise Cord-Cutters

Hulu outperforms rival Netflix in one important area, even though it’s much smaller in terms of subscribers and revenue…

Although Netflix boosts tens of millions of more customers, enjoys a worldwide user base, and cranks out critically acclaimed series, competitor Hulu still bests it in one way. Hulu actually has the largest number of high-quality binge-worthy television series.

Hulu Beats Netflix in Number of High-Quality Television Series, Streaming Search Engine Finds

Streaming search engine Reelgood crunched the numbers and found out of five popular platforms, Hulu offered the most high-quality TV series.

Reelgood used IMDb ratings in-order to establish how many high-quality television series each company hosts in their libraries. The titles included scored 8.0 or higher on IMDb. Here’s how many each service offers:

  • Hulu: 213
  • Netflix: 203
  • Prime Video: 142
  • HBO: 43
  • Showtime: 12

Rearranging the list according to raw numbers substantially changes things around. Amazon tops the list with 2,317 shows, with Netflix coming in second at 1,966, and Hulu having 1,931. Of course, this does not use the 8.0 or higher rating criteria.

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