July 15, 2020
Hulu displaying inappropriate content alongside kids' content

Disney has a Big Problem with Hulu Running Inappropriate Advertising alongside Children’s Content

Streaming service Hulu apparently has a problem with showing adult-targeted advertisements during kids’ TV shows and movies…

Disney has built a very successful reputation as a quintessential family brand — particularly appealing to young children.

Parents rely on its brand to provide wholesome entertainment for their children. But, there’s a big problem when it comes to its streaming service, Hulu.

Hulu Displaying Inappropriate Content alongside Kids’ Shows and Movies

It seems Hulu displays promotions and advertisements that are inappropriate for their targeted audiences:

Here’s another tweet from the same subscriber about the problem:

Jason Aten, a writer and business coach, took the time to go through other titles included in the children’s category and found the same thing. Aten published an article about his experience. Read it here.

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